Liberty Street Tip #6: Stay Hydrated

It is hot here in the Philippines and no matter what month it is there seems to be no reprieve from the heat in Manila.  Which is why I believe staying hydrated is very key in making life here a whole lot better.  Let’s take a look at the list of benefits that hydration brings as written on WebMD:

1. Water revs up your metabolism and helps you feel full 

Which in turn helps you loose those unwanted lbs.

2. Water boosts your energy 

Because dehydration causes fatigue, it goes with out saying that staying hydrated combats the fatigue brought on by dehydration.

3. Water lowers stress 

Apparently 85% of your brain tissue is water, who knew?  So to fight the stress brought on by dehydration make sure that you provide your brain with the water that it so much deserves.

4. Improved muscle tone

 Those hours in the gym squeezing out crunches like it is the end of the world will have diminishing returns if the people you want to impress with your eight pack see you writhing in pain due to the cramps brought on by dehydration.  So take a moment and sip on your water bottle during your workout, your muscles will thank you for it.

5. Water nourishes your skin 

Along with plumping up skin cells to prevent deep wrinkle lines cause by dehydration, water also helps flush out impurities and improves blood flow which leads to clear skin!

6. Water helps your digestion 

Constipated?  Drink water.

7. Water reduces kidney stones

 Apparently kidney stones are less likely to form in diluted urine, so save yourself the pain and make sure you drink water regularly.

So whether you call it agua, tubig, or water, that refreshing fluid does your body good.  I personally carry around a one liter Nalgene bottle, which I have adorned with my favorite logo, and it seems to be enough for me to go about my day dehydration free!

*Italics added by me