Owl Vs. Sheep

I’d like to introduce our new shirts featuring our mascots Hiboux the owl and Brick the sheep.  Our new shirts also feature a sleek V-neck collar for those of you that want to show off some collar bone.  So now the choice to join the community of either sheep or owl lovers is up to you!  Get your own Brick or Hiboux shirt at our online store.

Photographs by Mark Duggan and Pauline Lacanilao

Owl Pots and Pans 2 Large

Owl Chest

Blue Street Lamp-2

Close Up Wine Sheep - Crop

Sheep Chest

Gray Street Lamp


Liberty Street Tip #5: Take a Break

So if you have been reading our blog over the holiday season you would have noticed that I in fact take my own advice since I took a hiatus from blogging and spent sometime exploring this beautiful island country of mine.  But more importantly I believe that taking breaks allows people to stop and reflect on what has transpired in their lives as well as dwell on goals and desires for the future.  With that being said it always amazes me when I think about how Lawrence and I started out hauling shirts from Divisoria on the PNR (Philippine National Railroad) just to get our first wave of shirts started.  And it also really excites me to think about what we have planned for you all for 2013!  So I hope you all can sit back and enjoy watching what we are doing as we affect people’s lives together as a community!  2013 bring it on!

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