40 Under 40

I was at a banquet last night that was hosted by Devex and Chevron that celebrated 40 people under the age of 40 that are succeeding in making the Philippines a better place through their various ventures.  It was encouraging to see how many people are actually out there making a difference and the 40 people that were awarded are certainly deserving of the recognition.  It was also great to see through conversations with people how supportive they are of what we are doing here at Liberty Street especially since what we all want to do is to change the world for the better.  Hopefully one day we can make onto the 40 under 40 list.  In the meantime enjoy the pictures.

2013-02-19 20.44.16

2013-02-19 19.47.17

2013-02-19 19.47.11

2013-02-19 20.41.45

View from the top.

2013-02-19 20.42.07

Thanks for the invite Nick!

2013-02-19 19.47.05